Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Basics - Can I link to my website in my Ad?
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Can I link to my website in my Ad?

Businesses can include their website link in the 'Link to your website for $9.95' field on the Post ad page in all categories: 

link to website

If you upgrade to one of our Ad Types: Plus, Featured or Premium, a link to your website is included in the price of the Ad type purchased.

We permit links to be included in your ad description instead of the 'Link to your website for $9.95' field for the following reasons:

• If you are not a business and include a link to a product's website to provide more information about the item. Please note, you must include a description as well as a URL. Ads that are just a URL will be removed.

• If you are including a link to a charity/fundraising site in our Community category that is not your own website, such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

We do not permit:

• Ads containing links to other competitive auto, job, real estate, dating, or classifieds websites 

• Ads containing links to auction websites