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Copyright and IP Policies

What are copyright policies?

All sort of products are offered for sale on Gumtree. Rights owners, such as the owners of copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights can request the removal of any advertisements which may infringe on their intellectual property rights.. If a legal representative of a rights owner reports this to us in the correct manner, products infringing intellectual property rights will be removed by Gumtree.

To report an infringement please follow the steps below:
In order to participate in the Notice of Infringement Programme, you need to complete a Notice of Infringement Form found via this link: Notice of Take Down form and fax it to Gumtree. You can use this form, complete with your signature, to report advertisements which may infringe on your property rights. The information requested in the Notice of Infringement Form ensures that the person reporting the ad or item are either the rights owner or their officially authorised representative. The information provided on the form also enables Gumtree to identify the advertisement to be removed. Once we have received your correctly completed Notice of Infringement Form, you can simply send later reports to Gumtree via the e-mail address provided.

Note! This form can only be used by the lawful owners of the intellectual property rights. 'Notice of Infringement' is intended to ensure that products offered do not infringe the copyright, trademark right or other intellectual property rights of third parties. For all other questions, you can get help here.

It is the seller’s s responsibility to ensure that, before posting an ad on Gumtree, the advertisement and the item advertised comply with Gumtree’s Posting Policies as well as the law. As a condition of your use of Gumtree you agree that you will not violate any laws (as set out in our Terms of Use).