Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Basics - Gumtree Instant Car Valuation FAQs
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Gumtree Instant Car Valuation FAQs

How should I enter my car details?

The easiest way to use the Instant Car Valuation tool is to simply select the state of registration and enter the registration plate number for a vehicle.

Licence plates must be entered in alphanumeric format, with a maximum of nine characters, and without the use of punctuation marks or special characters.

The Car Valuation tool will not display a valuation result for;
  • Invalid registration details including incorrect State or registration number
  • Unregistered or club permit vehicles 
  • Rare, unique or grey import vehicles
  • Some vehicles with personalised plates
If you don't have the registration details for a vehicle, you can still get a free valuation by selecting the vehicle using the dropdown options on the page.

Are all vehicle types accepted?

Only registered passenger cars are accepted. Motorbikes, scooters, trucks, campervans and heavy vehicles will not return a successful valuation. Vehicles registered in the last 7 days will not be available.

Are all car makes and models accepted?

Most makes and models are accepted. Gumtree hosts a comprehensive database of commonly owned vehicles, which is updated frequently, but occasionally we don't have a specific model. If your vehicle isn't available in the dropdowns on the page, please contact our helpdesk.

Why do I get an error when trying to complete my car valuation?

Unable to find carOops, we couldn't find your vehicle. Please note, your car must be a registered vehicle in the correct state.
General errorSorry, something went wrong. Please check your registration details, including State, and try again. Apps: Oops, we couldn't find your vehicle.
What do I do with my car valuation?
What do I do with my car valuation?

Use our free car valuation calculator to get a guide on the value of your car and know its worth. Decide if you should add or subtract to the car price guide provided based on condition, service history, features and color. 

What can I do to improve the value of my car?

Keeping your car in tip top condition and making sure you clean it and get it as close as possible to new can greatly change a buyer’s first impression. Thoroughly clean its interiors, polish its exteriors and gather all the documentation to prove a great service history.

Can I get a valuation certificate for my car?

We do not issue certificates and our valuation is a price guide range only, but our instant car valuation tool is free and open to everyone and can also be used by any potential buyer.

How can I get my car ready for sale?

First impressions matter so when a buyer comes to see your car, make sure that it looks its best, it is as clean as possible and it looks as good as new. Repair broken features but weigh the costs of fixing parts that might cost more than the value they will add.

As a buyer, how do I know how much the car I want is worth?

Enter the details of the car in our instant car valuation tool to get a guide on the car’s value. Reach out to the seller and discuss additional aspects such as condition and service history.

How is the car valuation calculated?

Price estimate is powered by Glass’s Guide and is based on the car being in good condition with average mileage. Valuation is a guide only and more information can be found by visiting

Why is the value of my car appearing below what I expected?

Price estimates powered by third party Glass should be used as a guide only. If a valuation reading is significantly above or below what is expected, we recommend factoring in the condition of the cars' kit and the current kilometres for future sale pricing. The valuation price provided is based upon an average price range for a car model based on the car being in good condition with average mileage. More information can be found by visiting

What browsers does the tool support?

The car valuation tool is designed to work with most web browsers supported by Gumtree. We recommend downloading the latest version of your preferred browser for the best performance. View the full list here