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How does Gumtree Cars Instant Cash Offer work?

How does Gumtree Cars Instant Cash Offer work?

Gumtree Cars is one of Australia’s favourite marketplaces for used cars. CarBuyers is an online operator that has pioneered a simplified 3-step process for valuing and purchasing vehicles. We’re excited to be working with CarBuyers to bring you Gumtree Cars Instant Cash Offer.

For cars manufactured from 2010 onwards, and having travelled under 180,000 kms, this is an easy way to cut out the stress and hassle of marketing your car yourself, or going through a dealer.

How does it work?

1. Get a quick offer

Fill out the form with your details here and CarBuyers will provide an estimated price.

2. Schedule an inspection

Carbuyers will come to a location of your choice to inspect the vehicle.

3. Get the best price

Carbuyers will make an offer and provide a same day payment.

4. Vehicle pick up

Once the funds clear in your account, we’ll coordinate a pickup at your preferred time and location.

Will Carbuyers buy any car?

The short answer is no, not every vehicle, because if your car is stolen, has been written off, has a history of damage or is in poor condition, CarBuyers are unable to buy it. However, if your car has been manufactured after 2010 and has been driven for no more than 180,000 kilometres, it’s fairly safe to assume CarBuyers will buy it on the spot. If you’re unsure why not book an inspection? It’s free and CarBuyers will go wherever you are, so there’s really nothing for you to lose!

How can I contact Carbuyers?

Call them on this number: Call 1300 770 571. Alternatively, click here for more information.

For further information, please visit the Sign up page:

Please see the Terms and Conditions here: