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Information from the ACCC - What you must do if you sell something that harms a consumer

All businesses, including small and online businesses, must make a report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) if a product they have sold causes a death, serious injury or illness. Making a report helps the ACCC to stop other people from getting hurt.

If someone gets hurt from something you sell, the following ACCC guides can tell you what to do next:

·   English | Product safety mandatory reporting for suppliers – Understanding your obligations

·   Simplified Chinese | 应商的产品安全强制性报告了解你的义务

·   Vietnamese | Báo cáo bắt buộc về an toàn sản phẩm cho nhà cung cấp - Hiểu rõ nghĩa vụ của quý vị.

Reports can be made online, and must be made within 2 days

You must make a report if your business supplies a consumer good or product related service that has caused a death, serious injury or illness. Businesses must submit a report within 2 days of becoming aware of a serious incident.

If you are in any doubt about whether a mandatory report is required, you should submit it to ensure you comply with the 2-day reporting deadline.

If you are an overseas company who supplies in Australia, you also must report. This includes reports for incidents that happen overseas with consumer goods or product related services you supply in Australia.

Reports are confidential, but penalties can apply if you don’t report

Reports are confidential. Making a report does not mean you are admitting that you have done something wrong.

If you do not submit a report you could be found guilty of a criminal or civil offence. You may have to pay a penalty of $3,330 for an individual or $16,650 for a body corporate.

Your report helps prevent other injuries and harm

The ACCC uses information from these reports to identify emerging hazards and risks in consumer goods and product related services. This helps prevent similar injuries, illnesses or deaths.

For more information

The ACCC Product Safety Australia website contains detailed information about mandatory reporting.

You can also subscribe on the website to receive product safety email updates from the ACCC.