Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Basics - Issues posting photos
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Issues posting photos

We have received some reports of issues when uploading multiple photos. Here are some suggestions that should help:

If you are trying to post multiple photos but one or more of the photos are not appearing or you receive an error message, continue to post your Ad and you can then edit the Ad to upload the remaining photo(s).

Instead of trying to use the same photo that did not upload, please take another photo. An alternative would be to take a screenshot of the original photo and use the screenshot image. 

If you continue to experience any issues after trying these suggestions, don't hesitate to contact our help desk and we'll look into this further for you.
Other possible issues:

It may just be too big!
Gumtree allows images of up to 10MB in size. For example dimension 800x600 works well when uploading images. To check if the picture size is less than 10MB (=10,000kb) go to the folder where the image is stored

  • Click view > details - it gives you information about image size and file type

  • OR Right click the image > properties

If it is larger than 10MB you can use free tools such as and this will allow you to resize your images simply by defining scale image % or by defining length of pixels. Once you've done this simply try to upload your image again. 

Photos posting upside-down:

Were the photos youʼre trying to upload taken with a phone? Unfortunately incorrect orientation is something that tends to affect users who upload images taken with a phone instead of a camera.
Please make sure you edit the orientation of the actual image file and not only the preview. We also suggest taking new photos, preferably with a camera, to see if this helps. If the photos were taken using a camera, please make sure they are re-saved right-side up.

Blurry Photos:

Did you upload the original photos or are they copies of the originals? Sometimes websites and photo programs reduce the quality of an image to make hosting easier. If you are not using the original image file and have copied your photo from a website or program, this may be why your photos appear blurry when they're enlarged on the site. Please make sure you're using the original file to ensure the photo appears with its original quality.

If youʼre still having issues uploading photos, please check that your images comply with all the minimum requirements listed here.