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Mobile Phone Buying Guide



Whether you are on the hunt for a great everyday mobile phone or the latest cutting-edge smartphone, there are many options at your fingertips when you’re looking for a new phone.

However, buying a mobile phone requires more than just research and knowledge of the phone itself. Buyers must take into account factors including how they wish to pay for their mobile service, how they will use the phone, the functionality they require, and – sometimes most importantly – where they live in relation to mobile phone coverage areas, as standard mobile service does not reach some remote locations in Australia.


Buying Mobile Phones on Gumtree

There are many ways to get the ideal phone for a great price, especially when browsing listings for mobile phones and accessories on Gumtree. The heady combination of Gumtree’s vast selection of new and used phones and low prices are competitive.

To get a broad overview of all the mobile phones on Gumtree, you simply type ‘mobile phones‘ into the search box that is at the top of every Gumtree page.

If you want to browse to look over the listings of a particular phone type, or if you are looking for a specific model, just use more specific search terms such as ‘Android phones‘ or ‘iPhone 6‘.  Additionally login to Gumtree to utilise the save search feature to send yourself weekly/daily/fortnightly alerts on any models that have been listed, that you are looking to purchase.

If you need some mobile phone accessories so your phone is exactly how you like it, you can simply click through the category navigation at the top of the screen or just type ‘mobile phone accessories‘ into the search box below them.

And once you’ve purchased your new phone, you can download the Gumtree Android App or iOS App to make shopping for all your favourite items even easier than ever.


Getting a Good Deal on a Mobile Phone

Getting the best deal possible on a mobile phone purchase comes down to one thing: research. Gumtree is an incredible resource, not just for finding both new and used phones and unlocked versions of top sellers such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, but also for gaining tons of information on the wide variety of features and benefits to compare what is available.

Local pickup also helps save on shipping costs and gets new phones into buyers’ hands even faster. Easy online transactions with services such as PayPal simplify the process even further, making for secure shopping.


Budgeting for a Phone

Remember that the costs of mobile phone ownership do not end with the phone purchase. Take into account the plans that are available for various use levels of any phone to get a more accurate idea of the true monthly costs of using them. Smartphones that consume large amounts of data can be expensive to operate on a monthly basis if you are not on a plan that covers your amount of data usage.

Be sure also to include the cost of any necessary mobile phone accessories you need, especially when buying a used phone. Mobile phone chargers and similar accessories can be expensive, especially when it comes to devices such as the iPhone, though you typically can find accessories at deeply discounted prices on Gumtree.

Mobile phones are an important part of daily life for most individuals, and sometimes a major investment. However, that doesn’t mean owning a mobile phone needs to be an expensive endeavour.  Browse through the Gumtree mobile phone price comparison to compare mobile phone models and pricing.


Types of Mobile Phones

As a starting point, buyers should first consider which type of mobile phone best suits their needs. Most mobile phones can be divided into one of three categories: conventional mobile phones, smartphones, and new mobile phone/tablet hybrids known as “phablets.”  Naturally, each has its own benefits and drawbacks.