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PS4 Buying Guide



As one of the dominant systems on the market, the Sony PS4 has proven to be a titan in the gaming industry.  Its core of a high-performing console with a number of incredible specs, apps, and other features has helped its popularity, and new functionalities, such as the ability to play games while downloading content, have elevated it above its predecessor, the Sony PlayStation 3. Those on the hunt for great PS4 deals can find them in a number of ways, whether shopping for used consoles in great condition or wide-ranging bundles packed with games, downloadable content, and accessories.


Sony Playstation 4 Specifications and Features

Among the biggest reasons for the PS4′s success on the market is its impressive array of specs and features. This console packs a punch, and its specs are comparable to the average gaming PC.
The biggest competitor for the PS4 is the XBOX ONE, and both boast similar specs inside. Those interested in purchasing one of these gaming consoles can get a better idea of which works best for them by comparing the specs of the two systems.

 PlayStation 4XBOX ONE
CPU/Processor1.6GHz AMD Jaguar Custom, 8 Core1.75 GHz AMD Jaguar Custom, 8 Core
Storage500GB, Upgradeable500GB, Non-upgradeable
External StorageNoUSB

The PS4 boasts a ton of features. While most of the features are designed around the gaming aspects of the machine, there are numerous apps and features oriented toward media, such as its 6x Blu-Ray optical drive. Other standard features of the PS4 include:


  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Remote play with the PS Vita
  • Personalised and curated content
  • PlayStation app for mobile connectivity
  • Media apps, including VidZone and Quickflix


In terms of aesthetics, the PS4 has a relatively simple look. The case comes in either basic black or white, but you can buy faceplates and controller skins to give your PS4 a more personal touch.


PS4 Accessories and Peripherals

While the basic PS4 comes with everything you need for a great gaming start, there are a number of accessories and peripherals you can purchase to take your gaming to the next level.

The standard PS4 comes with:


  • Dualshock 4 Controller
  • Wired Mono Headset
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • AC Power Cord


Other accessories, games, and items may be included with the console as well, depending on what bundles are available.


You can enhance your PlayStation 4 experience through the addition of peripherals and accessories developers have crafted for the console. Some apps are necessary for gameplay with certain titles, while others enhance gameplay by taking advantage of the PS4′s capabilities. There are a number of third-party accessories on the market to upgrade your PS4 as well.


Dualshock 4 Controller


Every PS4 comes with a Dualshock 4 controller, with additional controllers available in a variety of colours. The Dualshock 4 is wireless and chargeable by plugging in to the PS4 (or optional chargers with micro-USB ports, which are sold separately). Among the key features of the Dualshock 4 controller is a Share button, which makes recording, uploading, and live streaming video a breeze.


PlayStation Camera


A later addition to the PS4 accessory family, the PlayStation Camera was a huge hit on its release, and now it can be found bundled with some newer consoles. The camera comes in at 1280×800 pixels, and it can be used for hands-free control of the menu, facial recognition sign-in, voice and motion input, and several other features.


Wireless Headsets and Microphones


In addition to the officially licensed PlayStation 4 wireless headset from Sony, a number of great third-party mics and headsets have been made available. Wireless headsets can be used for communicating with other players while gaming as well as listening to great virtual surround sound for the ultimate gaming experience.


Other PS4 Accessories


A number of other PS4 accessories can be found that enrich the gaming experience. These include charging docks, cooling stations, faceplates to customize the PS4, and other accessories to enhance the gaming experience, such as add-ons for the Dualshock 4 controller that transform it into a steering wheel – the perfect touch for realistic racing games.

Playstation 4 Bundles


New PlayStation 4 systems are available in several PS4 bundle packages. In addition to games, these bundles often feature additional accessories for enhanced gameplay that are perfect for fans of some of the PS4′s biggest franchises. Some games included in basic bundles include:


  • 1088
  • Little Big Planet 3
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • The Last of Us: Remastered
  • Driveclub
  • FIFA 15


Another popular bundle option pairs the PS4 with the PlayStation TV, a variant of the PS Vita that allows for streaming of PlayStation content to a television paired with the device.


In addition to the basic bundles, buyers may be able to find various other bundles on Gumtree – even some custom bundles assembled by sellers from their own game collections. Browsing through the titles of these bundled packages can turn up some fantastic deals. These unique bundles are an excellent way to get a variety of great games, including some of the most popular titles on the market, at incredible prices.

Tips for Buying Used Sony PS4s

By following a few tips, buyers can find the absolute best deal for the Sony PS4 setup they desire as well as numerous other gaming consoles, games, and accessories.


The first thing to keep in mind is the price point of the PS4. Prices in bundles can range greatly depending on what is in the package. A console with a handful of games can typically be found for under $500, though consoles sold with larger game collections may be priced higher.


It is well-worth the time to research multiple listings of various bundles to find the most robust offering for the lowest price.


Buyers are advised to carefully read the console’s or bundle’s listing to determine what is being sold in the package. Some consoles come complete with a full set of cables and controllers, while others may not. If the listing does not mention any items you require, simply contact the seller to verify information.


Buying a Sony Playstation 4 on Gumtree

The quickest way to find a PlayStation 4 is to type “PS4″ into the search box at the top of every Gumtree page, or you can just click on this PS4 link:


Local pickup can save on shipping costs, and you can find PS4s in your area by just adding your location. For example, to find PS4s in the Sydney area, buyers can type “PS4″ into the search box and type in “Sydney” in the location box just to the search box’s right. (


If you’re looking for a great deal on a bundle, simply type a more specific search, like “PS4 bundles” (


Secure PayPal transactions simplify the process even further, getting your PS4 to you in no time.


In addition to low prices on PS4s, trades and swaps are another option for picking up a PS4. For example, those who originally bought an XBOX ONE but who found themselves longing for the PS4s unbeatable power and resolution can swap their system for a PS4 from a seller seeking the XBOX ONE’s exclusive gaming options.


Buyers should always examine their item’s value against the value of the PS4 they are trading to ensure they get a great deal.


The Sony PlayStation 4 stands out as one of the premiere gaming consoles ever to hit the market, and for good reason. In addition to having incredible power and great graphics, the PS4 is also one of the most affordable gaming systems. This value only increases when buying used PS4s or gaming bundles and shoppers have a wide range of options when seeking a PS4, games, and accessories.