Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Policies - Please don't use keyword spamming or keyword stuffing techniques
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Please don't use keyword spamming or keyword stuffing techniques

Keyword spamming is the practice of listing lots of often irrelevant phrases or words in an ad (for example postcodes, locations or makes and types of cars not relevant to the current ad) purely in an attempt to have a better search ranking.  

We don't allow this practice on Gumtree because it is very frustrating to our users to find irrelevant ads in their search results. It can make ads hard to read and it creates an unlevel playing field. It actually disadvantages you as an advertiser. If you're found to be doing this we may suspend your access to Gumtree.

Using the Automotive category as an example:
1. Keyword stuffing does not give any advantage to listings and in fact disadvantages them. If someone searches for a ‘turbo diesel’ and a hybrid car comes up, there is very little chance that the potential buyer is going to change their mind on what they searched for and buy a hybrid instead of the turbo diesel they've searched for. These irrelevant comments waste space which could be used to explain what sets this car apart from the hundreds of similar ones which are listed Gumtree
2. Time is better spent ensuring vehicle prices are on par with market prices and checking that great photos are posted

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