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Pram Buying Guide



One of the highest value items you will buy during your little one’s younger years is a good pram. There are many options on offer, so it is important that you make the right choice first time.  Your decision about which to buy will rest on a number of factors including price, condition, safety, portability, and even fashion.


Pram Styles

Prams come with either three or four wheels, which may be inflatable or hard. In many cases the front wheel (or wheels) will have a swivel function, which makes manoeuvring easier. Additionally, it is also useful if the wheels have the facility to be locked into a straight position when riding over rougher terrain.


Three-wheel vs. Four-wheel Prams and Strollers


Three-wheel prams often are larger but more manoeuvrable than four-wheel prams, though they can have a tendency to tip sideways when turning corners quickly. This can be countered by making three-wheel pramswider at the rear, which ensures they are more stable. Wider wheels at the rear can make them a little wide for narrow spaces, however.


Four wheelers are generally more compact, both when they are in use and when they are folded and stored.


Comparing Prams and Strollers


Traditional prams will usually enable your baby to lie flat, which is important when they are still young, while baby strollers are more lightweight and support your little one in a more upright, seated position. Fortunately, many styles can be adjusted to perform both functions.


A lie-flat pram is often higher from the ground and uses inflatable wheels to ensure a more comfortable ride for the newborn. Strollers for older babies and toddlers may be lower to the ground, and they typically come with solid wheels that, while often smaller and more lightweight, give a slightly harder ride.


Baby Travel Systems


Some prams and strollers come with an integrated car seat that can be removed from the frame and fitted to your car without the need to disturb your baby. These specialised prams and strollers are known as travel systems. Many prams with this facility will convert into a more traditional upright stroller to suit the needs of a growing toddler.


Double Prams and Strollers


Double prams can be extremely useful for accommodating two small children at once. In general, double prams and strollerswill be suitable for twins or children who are very close in age, and depending on style they may also be able to accommodate children of different ages such as a baby and an older toddler.


Pram and Stroller Types and Benefits

Type of Pram or StrollerBenefits, Differences, and Best Uses 


  • Prams typically are more stable than small strollers
  • Traditional prams typically enable the baby to lie flat (important when very young)
  • Many prams are adjustable to lie-flat and upright-sitting functions
  • Lie-flat prams are often higher off the ground and use inflatable wheels, ensuring a more comfortable ride


  • Typically more lightweight and compact
  • Supports baby in a more upright-seated position
  • Many smaller strollers can be folded compactly for convenience
  • Strollers for older babies, toddlers, and young children typically have solid wheels (smaller and lighter but give a slightly harder ride)

Three-wheel Prams

  • Larger but more manoeuvrable than four-wheel prams
  • Can tend to tip sideways when turning corners quickly
  • Spacing rear wheels wider improves stability but hinders movement in narrow spaces
  • Larger, inflatable tires that are better on rough terrain than small plastic ones
  • Excellent for jogging or other activities

Four-wheel Prams

  • More stable but less manoeuvrable than three-wheel prams
  • More compact when in use and when folded and stored than three-wheel prams

Travel Systems

  • Come with an integrated car seat that can be removed and fitted to your car
  • Provides ability to move child from pram (or stroller) to vehicle without needing to disturb the baby
  • Many travel systems can convert into a more traditional upright stroller as the child grows

Double Prams andTriple Prams

  • Double and triple prams and strollers are very useful for fitting twins or triplets, respectively
  • Very useful for carrying two/three children that are close in age



What to Consider When Buying a Pram

Some things you may want to consider when buying a pram are safety, practicality, functionality, accessories, and price.




A pram should include a safety harness to keep your baby safely in place. This may be a three-point harness or a five-point harness. The former provides more freedom of movement for a toddler, while the latter keeps them secured firmly with less room to wiggle. Be sure that the straps are adjustable to allow room for growth, and test the buckle for its ease of use.


Prams should offer brakes to both rear wheels, activated either by a single pedal or individually. Test the brakes thoroughly before you buy to find out how easy the brakes are to apply and how well they hold on an incline.


Before buying a pram or a stroller, always check that the model you are considering is certified to the Australian standard, AS/NZS 2088:2000.




Think about the person that will be pushing the pram: are the handles at the correct height or can they be adjusted? Consider what terrain the pram or stroller will be used on, and choose the right wheels for the purpose. Will you be using it for running or jogging? If so you may want to choose one that is specifically designed for this use.


If you will be taking the pram on public transport, you may want to choose a smaller, lightweight one that is easy to open and close. Using public transport may also leave you more open to the elements, so consider choosing a pram with an extendible canopy or an umbrella (or a holder for one) that provides protection from the sun or rain.


If you drive, don’t forget to ensure your pram will fit into the boot of your car while leaving enough room for your shopping or baggage.




Prams offer many adjustable features and accessories, some of which may steer your decision when it comes to choosing the right model for you.


If your child will be using the pram from birth, you will want the pram to have a lie-flat facility. You may want one with an adjustable backrest so you can continue using the same model as your baby grows, or you may choose to swap your pram for a more lightweight stroller once your little one is able to sit up unaided. If you are buying a pram or stroller for an older baby or toddler, do check to see whether it has an upper weight limit.


Some prams come with reversible seats and handles that give your child the option to face either you or the world in front of them. Footrests, detachable front bars, and drinks holders can all make life more comfortable for a fidgety toddler, while adjustable handles, easy-to-use brake pedals, swivel wheels, and storage baskets can be the key to your own comfort when you are on the move.




Some prams come with a wide range of accessories included, while others offer a choice of pram accessories compatible with that particular model or brand for an additional cost. For lower priced, more basic models, you may need to buy generic accessories online or from your high-street store.


Pram accessories include tyre pumps, storage baskets, leg cosies, rain covers, sun umbrellas, insect meshes, and changing bags. Virtually any accessory you wish for your pram or stroller can be found on Gumtree at greatly discounted prices.




There are prams to suit all budgets. It is possible to pick up used prams on an online classified ads site such as Gumtree for a fraction of the price that it would cost straight off the shelf. Indeed, just a few dollars can be all it takes to pick up a perfectly good lightweight stroller. A sturdy second-hand pram in good condition will usually still cost upwards of $100, with prices rising considerably higher for the high-end or more sought-after brands.


New models also are available on Gumtree at prices lower than you will find elsewhere, and they can also be found at retail prices from department stores, online shops, or the manufacturers. If you pay retail prices, expect to pay around $500 for a good-quality new pram or stroller with a few added features, though prices can extend to well over $1,000 for the most exclusive models.


Some brand names are favoured as much for their fashionable status as for their design and engineering. Whatever you are looking for, do shop around and carry out some price comparisons before committing to buy your chosen pram.


How to Buy a Pram on Gumtree

There is a huge selection of new and used prams available on Gumtree. Simply visit and enter ‘pram’ in the search box to search all prams. For more specific results try searching for items with more specific terms, such as a ‘double pram’ (which will lead you to the page, or accessories such as a ‘pram rain cover’ ( You can also narrow down the results to the listings in your local area by adding a city name to your search or by selecting a city from the list in the left-hand navigation.


The prams you find on Gumtree are available direct from the manufacturers, via recognised retail outlets, or in previously-loved condition from private individuals. If you are buying a used pram or stroller, remember to check it carefully to ensure it is in full working order and all the parts and safety measures are present and intact.


If you are buying new, be sure to obtain the manufacturer’s warranty to be sure you are protected in the event of unexpected damage or breakage.