Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Basics - Ratings FAQ
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Ratings FAQ

What happened to my existing star rating?

We’ve recently changed our ratings functionality into a more efficient community feedback system. All previous ratings still apply, but they might be displayed differently. Instead of a star rating, users can now rate their experience with each other using a sad, neutral and happy face. 

Highly rated users will have a ‘Highly Rated’ badge on their profile. All the ratings received will be listed under the Gumtree Community Feedback on the users public profile page. 


What does the Highly Rated badge mean?

The Highly Rated badge on a Gumtree profile means that a user has been rated positively and consistently by other people on Gumtree.

How do I get the Highly Rated badge?

To get the Highly Rated badge other people on Gumtree must have rated you at least 3 times, and 80% of those ratings must be positive.

What's the Gumtree Community Feedback?

The Gumtree Community Feedback are ratings left by users who have interacted with each other on the platform. 
Gumtree users can decide to leave  positive or negative feedback regarding a particular experience.
  • When giving positive feedback users can also add one or more of the following comments: Quick transaction, Polite, Helpful, Quick responder, Friendly, Showed up on time, Fair negotiation, Item as described. 
  • When giving negative feedback they can add the following comments: Cancelled offer, Unhelpful, Rude, Too much haggling, Didn’t show up, Item not as described, Unresponsive.

Why did you build the Gumtree Community Feedback?

The Gumtree Community Feedback has different purposes: 
  • It helps to provide transparency to users who are going to interact with each other;
  • It helps reward Gumtree users who have been highly rated;
  • It helps Gumtree to educate users who have been negatively rated.