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Rental/Share Accommodation Posting Policies

Ensure your advertisement isn't breaching any applicable government laws/legistlation. It is your responsibility to ensure that, before posting an ad on Gumtree, your advertisement and the property advertised comply with Gumtree's Posting Policies as well as the law. As a condition of your use of Gumtree you agree that you will not violate any laws (as set out in our Terms of Use). We do not allow ads that could be considered discriminatory on the basis of a protected attribute such as race / religion / nationality / gender / sexual orientation / political views etc.

Share accommodation

  • Only advertise in this section if you wish to let a room within a property.
  • Only advertise one share room per ad.
  • If ads are indiscriminately posted in multiple, irrelevant categories, they will be removed and your access might be restricted.
  • Please do not include links to other accommodation websites. Real estate agencies are allowed to include business URL's within the body of the ad.

Flats/ Houses to Rent

  • These sections of Gumtree are for advertising entire flats or houses to rent. Rooms offered within a flat or house should be in 'Flat/House Share'.
  • Please ensure that each ad ONLY advertises one property. If more than one property is included in an ad it will be removed and your access might be restricted.
  • Please do not include links to other accommodation websites in ads. Real estate agencies are allowed to include business URL's for their agency.
  • We may remove ads that breach our Posting Rules and/or our Terms of Use.

* Rental and property agencies may advertise in both categories. They must select the 'Agency' option when creating their ad. These two categories should not be used as a platform to promote your business. Every ad must be for a specific property only.