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Seller Shipping Guide

Seller Shipping Guide

Gumtree now allows you to display (via a shipping badge), when you offer shipping on your item. Expand your reach to buyers across Australia. If you select to offer shipping, Buyers will see a badge on your ad and may enquire with you about getting the item shipped directly.

Posting an Ad with the Shipping Option

In the “Shipping” section of your ad (see below for categories that offer shipping), select “Shipping & Pickup” to let buyers know that you are willing to arrange shipping of your item to them.

If the shipping price is fixed and therefore known at listing creation, you may wish to indicate the shipping price in your ad description. Several shipping providers offer flat rate shipping across Australia for example:

Which categories offer shipping?

Currently, the following categories (including all subcategories) offer shipping:

  • Clothing & Jewellery
  • Baby & Children
  • Books, Music & Games
  • Antiques, Art & Collectables
  • Electronics & Computer
  • Sport & Fitness


Upon seeing the shipping badge on your ad, a buyer may reach out to you to enquire about shipping the item to them. In your conversation, you should confirm the following points prior to transacting with the buyer:

  • The total cost of shipping to the buyer’s address;
  • Any insurance to be added (offered by your shipping provider);
  • Any express service to be added (depending on your shipping provider); and
  • Whether refunds and returns are accepted and how it would be processed, including return shipping charges (who is responsible for those costs) and any refund of shipping fees.
Gumtree does NOT currently offer delivery and is not affiliated with any delivery service.  Sellers are responsible for any shipping offered. If you receive any Whatsapp or SMS messages from potential buyers offering Gumtree delivery as a service, do NOT click on the link or enter your payment details. For more information, please visit the Suspicious emails guide.


We recommend that you request payment using Gumtree’s PayPal integration. If you wish to adopt this approach, you will first need to ensure your PayPal account is linked with your Gumtree account by following the guide “How do I link my Gumtree and PayPal accounts?

Once the accounts are linked, you can request payment during your chat with the buyer for the total cost of the item plus the agreed shipping costs.

If you are using the app, tap on “Request payment” in the chat window:

If you are using the Gumtree website, click on the PayPal icon next to the your message field:

For more information about payments via PayPal, please visit the guide “How do I send and receive payments with PayPal through Gumtree AU?


For security purposes, we do not recommend payment via bank transfer.  For more information regarding how buyers and sellers can stay safe on Gumtree, please see our guide Staying Safe on Gumtree.

Shipping and Tracking

After you have received payment, ship the item to the buyer following the process outlined by your chosen shipping provider.

We recommend updating your buyer via chat with the tracking details for their shipment as soon as they are available. 

After you provided a tracking number, you should proceed to delete your ad so that other buyers are aware that the item is no longer available and select the option below (“I shipped it to someone on Gumtree”):


Post Sale 

The policy for any returns and refunds are individually negotiated, agreed and arranged between you and the buyer.

Gumtree does not facilitate any dispute resolution mechanism. Please ensure that all specifics of the item and the shipping process are agreed prior to transacting.


If you believe you have been targeted by a scam, please contact Customer Support.