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What are the Pets Policies?

These policies are based on RSPCA principles.

The Gumtree Pets section exists to help the community find safe, caring homes for pets. All ads placed in the Gumtree Pets section must comply with the Gumtree 
Pets Code Of Practice.

For advice on responsible pet ownership, please see our Gumtree Guide to Responsible Pet Ownership.

The Gumtree Pets section is NOT intended to facilitate uncontrolled or irresponsible breeding, irresponsible commercial pet trading,(i.e. puppy or kitten farms), trade of dogs or any other animal for the purpose of fighting or stud services. Any ads reported to us for promoting this kind of activity will be removed. Users are responsible for complying with Gumtree’s policies about adopting, buying or selling a pet and posting an ad on Gumtree.

Gumtree is a community site and we rely on your feedback to keep the site friendly and safe. We like to think of it as you, the Gumtree community, ’policing’ the site and keeping out the bad guys. So, in each ad you will find a Report ad button. You can use this button to report ads which you believe promote uncontrolled/unsafe/unethical/irresponsible breeding practices and we will take a look.

In our continuous commitment to animal welfare, animal rights and responsible pet ownership, we have the following rules in the Pets category on Gumtree:

Policies for all community members:

  • Gumtree encourages all pet owners to have their animals checked with a vet, vaccinated and microchipped before they are advertised on Gumtree. All pets must be microchipped, and microchipping documentation should be provided to the buyer. Microchipping is required in most States and Territories, please see the following for further information:  Microchip numbers can be verified at

  • To better protect animal welfare and support responsible trading under our Gumtree Pets Code of Practice, Gumtree has a mandatory insertion fee across all pets and animal listings. The insertion fee will vary depending on the category of pet, and the supply and demand of those categories. To help reunite lost pets with their owners, users will be able to post animals within the Lost & Found section for free. Animal shelters and rescue organisations will also be able to list for free.
    The insertion fee can be paid using a credit card or PayPal. After paying the insertion fee, your ad will appear on Gumtree for 30 days. At the end of the 30-day period, you will have the option to re-list it payable at the same rate.

  • In accordance with RSPCA guidelines, the following information must be included in the description of your advertisement

    • Vaccination status: vaccinated or unvaccinated

    • Desexed status: desexed or entire

    • Health Status: has the animal undergone a veterinary check in the last 12 months? (Yes or No)

    • Breeder Registration Number (or similar identification): This requirement varies in different jurisdictions (for example, some jurisdictions have a mandatory dog breeder register). If unsure, you should check with the relevant local authority.

    • Sex: male or female

    • Expected Adult Size: very small, small, medium, large or very large                                                                                                                                                                   

  • All ads must include an accurate date of birth for the animal. Animals must be of a certain age before they can be sold or made available for adoption, as they must be self-sufficient - i.e. they must be able to feed themselves, independently. Please find below our policy as to the minimum required age a specific animal must be before it can be sold or made available for adoption. We strictly enforce these policies as part of our commitment to animal welfare. You can post your ad before the minimum required age as long as you ensure to include the date the animal will be available for adoption/rehoming/sale in your ad description. If the attribute corresponding to the date of birth is not otherwise included in the process of creating your ad, please ensure it is accurately and clearly described in your ad description.

  Minimum required age:

  • Cats and Dogs: must be at least 8 weeks old. Unborn puppies and kittens are not permitted to be posted

  • Rabbits: must be at least 8 weeks old

  • Guinea Pigs, Mice and Rats: must be at least 4 weeks old

  • Birds: must be fully weaned

  • Ferrets: must be at least 10 weeks old

  • Frequency of breeding should be based on veterinary advice. Breeding females should not be made to breed more than once in a 12-month period; this is considered unhealthy

  • The following breeds of dog cannot be advertised on Gumtree:

    • Pit Bull Terriers; 

    • American Pit Bull Terriers;

    • Dogo Argentino (Argentinian fighting dogs);

    • Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian fighting dogs);

    • Japanese Tosas;

    • Perro de Presa Canario

    • Dogs that have been declared as a dangerous dog under any state law or regulatory guidance; and

    • Dogs used or intended to be used as commercial security dogs
  • The following breed of Cats cannot be advertised on Gumtree:

    • Munchkin Cats 

  • Breeders should allow potential buyers to visit the place where the animal was bred to meet the mother animal (and father, if that is possible).

Additional policies for breeders registered with a breeder association:

  • Breeders must include the breeder association they are registered with in their ad description and should provide their membership details to buyers.

  • Breeders should provide their government registration/licence/permit details to buyers, where this applies in their State/local council area. Requirements can vary between States/regions.

Additionally, you should check with your local council, State regulatory body and any other relevant industry groups for any specific policies, rules and/or regulations about the sale of pets in your State. We have set out below a non-exhaustive list of policies that may apply in some States and Territories. 

State / Territory - specific policies (non-exhaustive):


  • From 1 July 2019, any person or business who is advertising to sell or give away a dog or cat must be enrolled on the Pet Exchange Register. From 1 July 2019, It is a legal and site requirement that all dogs and cats advertised in Victoria have a microchip number and source number generated by the Pet Exchange Register as outlined by Animal Welfare Victoria  Each full microchip number and the source number for your cat or dog must be included in the ad, with one number in the microchip field and the remainder in the sell your item field.

  • Buyers and adopters are strongly encouraged to verify the source number on dog and cat ads on the Pet Exchange Register before purchasing/adopting the pet.

  • Advertising Koi Fish is prohibited by law in VIC and cannot be advertised in VIC locations on Gumtree. 


  • It is a legal and site requirement that all dogs advertised in Queensland born after or on 26 May 2017 must be registered with the Queensland Dog Breeder Register and their Supply Number must be included in the ad description, unless they are subject to one of the exemptions. Please refer to the Queensland Dog Breeder Register for more information about supply numbers and exemptions here. Please note that Gumtree does not verify the Supply Number posted in the ad and strongly encourages potential buyers to confirm the accuracy of the Supply Number using the Queensland Dog Breeder Register before purchasing a dog. Please also double check whether your dog may be exempt from the requirement for a Supply Number. If you have any questions about the Queensland laws, contact the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries here.  

  • Advertising rabbits is prohibited by law in QLD and cannot be advertised in QLD locations on Gumtree. 

  • In QLD there are penalties for keeping and selling certain native wildlife without the required licence or paperwork, which includes many birds, and some amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. It is the sellers responsibility to ensure they have the required licence or paperwork in order to sell these kinds of native wildlife on Gumtree, and the seller must provide this information if requested by Gumtree (or by a relevant government agency). If either the seller or buyer does not hold the necessary licenses or paperwork, the buyer should not proceed with the purchase. Please see the following link for more information: ​​ ​​​​​


  • From 1 July 2019 in NSW, it is a legal and site requirement that all users advertising dogs and cats for sale or give away must include the following details in their ad description.

    • a microchip number for each pet advertised (one in the microchip field and the remainder in the sell your item feed); and

    • a breeder identification number; and

    • a rehoming organisation number.

If you advertise a cat or dog for sale in NSW from 1 July 2019 and don’t use an identification number, or you falsify a number, penalties may apply. If you are looking to buy a cat or dog in NSW, search the NSW Pet Registry to see the information on the animal listed for sale. For more information on the new rules in NSW, visit

  • Advertising reptiles (turtles, snakes, crocodiles and lizards) and amphibians (toads and frogs) is prohibited by law in NSW. Department of Planning, Industry and Environment clearly state that you are not allowed to advertise to buy or sell animals, except in the newsletters of the reptile or frog keeper associations to which you personally belong. Reptiles and amphibians cannot be advertised in NSW locations on Gumtree.


  • In South Australia, if you advertise a cat or dog you must include your Breeder Registration Number (BRN), as well as your name and phone number, in your ad description.

  • In addition, it is a legal and site requirement that all sellers in South Australia must include in their advertisements for dogs and cats:
    (1) the identity of the seller (full name, address, phone number);
    (2) the identity of the breeder (full name, address, phone number and dealer registration number);
    (3) the vaccinations that the dog or cat has had and details of any other veterinary treatment received;
    (4) whether the dog or cat has been microchipped, and if it has, the details of the person who performed the procedure (name and address), the date of the procedure, the microchip number, and the register that the dog or cat’s microchip number is synced with, or details of a relevant exemption that applies to the dog or cat; and
    (5) whether the dog or cat has been de-sexed, and if it has, the details of the veterinary surgeon who performed the procedure (name and business address), the date of the procedure, the age of the dog or cat at the time of the procedure and the nature of the procedure, or details of a relevant exemption that applies to the dog or cat.


  • All cats that are 6 months of age or older must be microchipped, de-sexed and registered with the local government. Cats cannot be sold or transferred to a new owner until they are de-sexed and a microchip is implanted, regardless of age (unless a vet has issued an exemption on the grounds of negative impacts on the cat’s health and welfare). Kittens that have not been de-sexed may be transferred to a new owner if a pre-paid voucher is provided to the purchaser. A microchip must always be implanted prior to the sale of a kitten regardless of age.

  • All dogs must be microchipped and registered with the local government once they reach 3 months of age. Non-microchipped dogs cannot be sold or transferred to a new owner (regardless of the age of the dog), except that dogs may be exempt from receiving a microchip if they cannot receive one on medical grounds. The owner will need to hold a medical exemption certificate from a registered vet.


  • Under the Domestic Animals Act 2000, all ads to sell cats or dogs must include a breeder’s license number and this number must be included in your ad. There are offences for both breeding without a license and publishing an ad without breeder’s license. For more information on the new rules in ACT, visit

  • In ACT, the keeping and selling of pythons, ferrets, many birds and some lizard species (known as "non-exempt animals") requires a licence under the Nature Conservation Act 2014, the details of which must be included in the ad on Gumtree when selling these species. Please see the following link for more information:


  • From 1 March 2022, the owner of a cat that is more than four months of age must ensure that the cat is desexed and microchipped by a veterinary surgeon. Exceptions do apply. 

  • Any cat that is to be sold or given away must be:
    (1) At least eight weeks old
    (2) Desexed (or a certificate has been issued under s14(2) by a veterinary surgeon or the cat is being sold to a registered breeder or a person holding a Cat Breeding Permit for that specific cat).
    (3) Microchipped (or a certificate has been issued under s12(2) by a veterinary surgeon).
    (4) Meets the prescribed health requirements (i.e., includes a health check and vaccination by veterinary surgeon, and treated for internal and external parasites). For more information, visit

It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that their advertisement adheres to Gumtree Posting Policies as well as applicable laws. It is also a condition of your use of Gumtree, specified under our Terms of Use, that you will not violate any laws. We highly recommend that you check with the relevant state authorities before posting an ad in the Pets section of Gumtree to ensure that the ad will not breach any applicable laws. By posting an ad, you've read and accepted the Gumtree Posting Policies and the Terms of Use.