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What's new at Gumtree?

With 7 million Australians visiting Gumtree each month, we're constantly looking at ways to make it easier for our community to connect and find what they're looking for.

'Shipping Offered' Badge

Gumtree now allows you to display a shipping badge when you offer shipping on your item. Expand your reach to buyers across Australia. If you select to offer shipping, Buyers will see a

Shipping offered 

badge on your ad and may enquire with you about getting the item shipped directly. Look for the shipping badge in participant categories.

Selecting the shipping badge when posting means you take responsibility for and are willing to:

  • Provide more photos or a video inspection (as may be necessary)
  • Negotiate and receive funds electronically. We recommend using PayPal
  • Calculate the total cost of shipping to the buyer's address (and be responsible for all shipping costs, unless agreed otherwise with the buyer)
  • Post the item
  • Organise any insurance to be added (offered by your shipping provider); 
  • Organise any express service to be added (depending on your shipping provider); and
  • Advise whether refunds and returns are accepted and how it would be processed, including return shipping charges (who is responsible for those costs) and any refund of shipping fees.

Please ensure that all specifics of the item and the shipping process are agreed prior to transacting. Gumtree does NOT currently offer delivery and is not affiliated with any delivery service.

For more information on using the ‘shipping offered’ badge and buying an item that offers shipping, please visit our help pages:


Calling all #LocalLegends

It's important for everyone to show their community spirit and help those in need however they can. Because Gumtree is an online community marketplace connecting Aussies, we encourage all #LocalLegends to offer and find help for essential items and services during times of need. 

How it works

If you'd like to help out those doing it tough right now, then here's how you can help in four easy steps:

1. Create a new listing
2. Add the #LocalLegends hashtag to both listing title and description
3. Mark as 'offering' when drafting listing
4. Remember to follow Gumtree's safe trading tips

If you're looking for #LocalLegends to help you out, then please follow these three simple steps:

1. Type the #LocalLegends hashtag into the search bar
2. Or create a 'wanted' listing and add the #LocalLegends hashtag to both your listing title and description
3. Remember to follow Gumtree's safe trading tips

Trade safely

To help our Gumtree community trade safely following the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to read the latest government guidelines in the state that you reside in before completing face-to-face trading. Check our COVID-19 Safety Precautions for further information and tips to trade safely.

The health and wellbeing of our Gumtree users remains our main priority. We encourage you to keep informed and read the latest COVID-19 safety messages available below:

Australian Government COVID-19 updates
Gumtree COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Together, we can look out for each other with acts of kindness, and support our community.

New Features:

Profile Updates
We’re always looking for ways to inform and empower our community, which is why we’ve improved our profile functionality. The new update includes the addition of profile pictures, reply rate and average reply time. These updates provide more transparency, so you can make more informed decisions about who you trade with on Gumtree.
Profile Images
It’s super easy to upload a profile image to Gumtree. Simply log in, head to your profile and upload.
“Avg reply”: Average Reply Time
As a buyer, it’s always helpful to know how quickly you can expect to hear back from a seller, especially when it comes to buying something you’re truly interested in. As a seller, letting potential buyers know how quickly they can expect to hear from you can provide a good heads-up! 
“Avg reply” is the time this user usually takes to respond to a message.
You can expect to see the following typical response times:

  • If you reply in 1 hour or less it will display 1 hr
  • if you reply between 1 hour and 24 hours the it will display the number of hours
  • If you reply between 24 hours and 48 hours it will display 1 day
  • if you reply after 48 hours it will display the number of days

“Reply Rate”
Reply rate refers to the percentage of buyer conversations that the seller replies to. The calculation refers to the last 30 days of activity and not the entire time since registering the user account.

The Rebrand
We celebrated 10 years in Australia with a bold rebrand, incorporating improved site functionality and a fresh new look.


The contemporary design was created with Gumtree’s vibrant community in mind and coincides with enhancements to the user experience, including enhanced interface speed and simplified process for buyers and sellers, 24/7 support, and a new payment option.

Gumtree Australia’s new brand and colour palette were inspired by the Australian landscape and designed locally.

As one of the pioneers in the reuse phase of the circular economy, Gumtree’s new brand identity now matches the innovation and development that has been going on behind the scenes over the last decade. 

What's new

Alongside the new design, the rebrand accompanies functional changes to the site that improve the experience for buyers and sellers:

Technology advances

We’ve made improvements in functionality to include make, model, colour attribute selection in cars and added clothing and shoe size attributions as well as smart category redirects for certain keywords on the main site. You now have a speedier selling experience with the inclusion of saved drafts and reminders as well as a more streamlined selling flow. We also have photo attachment capability on My Messages, which is awesome!

P2P Payments

You now have the option to pay with cash or via peer-to-peer payments with PayPal.
Find out more about PayPal and Gumtree by clicking here

Contact Gumtree Support for help 24/7, via email or live chat here.