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iPad Buying Guide



Since its inception, the Apple iPad has been an icon, the tablet against which other tablets are measured. Today it remains one of the best tablets on the market, providing users with computing power and access to an incredible number of apps at home and on the go.


Increased memory capacities and new iPad iterations such as the iPad Mini have added to the number of purchase options, broadening their utility and demographic. While this has made it easier to find an iPad that suits your needs, it also has made it more difficult to choose which one. However, once you decide the iPad is the right tool for you, with a little guidance through the options and decisions you will find the perfect fit.


Choosing an iPad

When taking into account factors such as screen size, memory capacity, colour, and other options, well over 50 combinations of iPad are available from Apple.  Finding and selecting the right iPad starts with understanding some of the basic differences between the devices.


iPad Options

iPad Specifications

  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi + Cellular
Memory Capacity
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Space Grey
Other Features
  • Front/Rear Cameras
  • Retina Display
  • Fingerprint Identity Sensor


Save Money by Not Buying More iPad than You Need


For great savings, shoppers can narrow down their choices by excluding the iPad models that provide more screen size, memory, and features than they need from a tablet.


For example, a person wanting an iPad to access the Internet, check email, or read books at home or in other places with Wi-Fi connectivity would do very well with the most affordable iPads that come with Wi-Fi capability and less memory.


People wanting those same things on the go or in places with no Wi-Fi would want to opt for iPad models with both Wi-Fi and the added cellular connectivity to keep them connected wherever they happen to be, and they can still save good money by not buying extra memory they don’t need.


On the other hand, someone that needs connectivity both at home and on the go and will use the iPad for business, heavy processing, gaming, or lots of apps would be best served with the iPad models at the upper end of the cost scale that include both connectivity types and have lots of memory. However, this person can still save money if he is only going to use the iPad at home and can dispense with the cellular capability.


With so many variations of the iPad to choose from, shoppers using forethought and giving an honest evaluation of their day-to-day use can get exactly what they need without having to pay more than they must.


iPad Generations

As with most tech devices, the iPad has been released in successive generations, each of which has added something new to the iPad’s capabilities – and sometimes to the digital landscape.


The original iPad lacked some features that would become standard in later generations, such as its front and rear facing cameras. While this means that the older iPads have fewer features, it also makes older iPad generations a great – and inexpensive – option for those seeking a basic, no-nonsense tablet device.


One of the biggest generational changes happened with Apple’s introduction of the retina display in the third generation iPad, which added high-definition (HD) capability to the device. The retina display provides higher pixel density, making it better for watching videos, viewing photographs, working with graphics programs, playing games, and performing other tasks that were optimised in high definition. Those in search of an iPad for use in artistic applications, video editing, or gaming may favour generations that have retina display over other models.


The iPad Mini was another generational change, a smaller device designed to compete with the “phablets” (mobile phones with extra-large screens) and small-screen tablets introduced by other tech companies, such as the smaller versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs.


After Apple’s line of MacBook Air ultraportable laptops was a success, they discontinued the iPad 4th Generation iPad and introduced a new generation:  the iPad Air. The iPad Air has the exact same display as the previous iPad – 9.7 inches, IPS LED-backlit, 2018×1536 pixels – but it is thinner and lighter.


If you’re looking at it in portrait mode, the iPad Air is 0.1 inch shorter in height, 0.71 inch slimmer in width, 0.08 inch thinner in depth, and has thinner side bezels. While the small numbers may seem negligible, they add up – or slim down – to an iPad Air that’s almost 230g lighter than the previous generation and feels great in your hands.


iPad Accessories


There are numerous iPad accessories available that allow owners to protect or get more use out of their devices. Many accessories are manufactured by Apple, such as their Smart Covers, though many third-party manufacturers have produced top-level accessories for the device.


When shopping for an iPad, buyers are encouraged to determine what accessories they will need to get full functionality from it. By incorporating the price of those accessories into the price of the iPad itself, buyers can get a better idea of the full cost they can expect to pay to get started.


iPad Smart Covers


Manufactured by Apple, Smart Covers connect magnetically to the iPad to provide users with superior protection for their device. The Smart Cover’s technology allows it to wake the device up and turn it off when the cover is opened or closed. Smart Covers are available in a variety of colours, including:


  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red


In addition to their line of Smart Covers, Apple also sells iPad covers that contain keyboards, enhancing the usability of the device. While Smart Covers and other accessories typically are sold separately from the iPad, buyers will often find them bundled together with both new and used iPads.


Standard iPad Peripherals


Numerous devices serve to make the iPad more functional and easier to use, both at home and on the go. When shopping, buyers can consider purchasing these items to enhance their experience with the iPad:


  • Additional iPad headphones with greater capabilities, better sound, or both
  • iPad chargers and docks
  • Wireless keyboard and/or mouse
  • Stands
  • Docking, wired, or Bluetooth iPad speakers
  • Styluses


Business and Office Accessories for iPads


Several accessories designed for the iPad transform it into a multifunctional business and office tool. Some business and office options include:

  • Smart pens
  • Wireless and Bluetooth headsets
  • Credit card readers
  • Printers and media scanners


Music Creation Accessories


The iPad has become a hot commodity in the world of digital music creation, so quite a few accessories have been produced to make it even easier to create music on your device. Some music-creation accessories include:

  • Microphones
  • Mixing stations
  • Digital instruments
  • Stand adaptors


Toy and Hobby iPad Accessories


The number of fun toy and hobby accessories designed for use with the iPad is seemingly endless. These include everything from iPad-controlled cars and drones to wireless controllers for playing iPad games.


You can find many iPad accessories sold in bundles for utility and cost savings that can save you a significant amount of money over buying iPad peripherals individually. If you purchase a bundle of iPad accessories or peripherals, be sure to verify whether they are made by Apple or a third-party manufacturer. If they are made by a third party manufacturer, be sure to check out the reputation and reviews of the products from that company or companies to make sure you are satisfied with their quality and your purchase.


By looking into the various iPad accessories available for your needs, you can be sure to get the most out of your iPad.


Finding Great Deals on iPads

The various configurations of the iPad models means they are available at a variety of price points, with some of the higher-end models retailing from around A$850 to over A$1,000. One of the best ways to get a great deal – even on the higher-end devices – is to purchase a gently-used or refurbished iPad.


To determine the value of the deals they are considering, buyers should inquire when the iPad was originally purchased and what this new purchase includes. Even more important in determining value – and ensuring you receive what you expect – you must know the iPad’s generation, screen size, memory size, and connectivity capabilities (Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi plus cellular).


How to Buy an iPad on Gumtree

If you would like to peruse the entire selection of iPads on Gumtree, all you have to do is type “iPads” in the search box that sits at the top of every page. Even easier, you can just click this iPad link:


If you are looking for something more specific, or a particular iPad model, simply be more specific with the search terms you type in. For example, you could type in the search “iPad Air 2 64GB” (


On the other hand, if you need iPad accessories to set your tablet up right, you can type in “iPad accessories”, or, even more specific, something like “iPad cases” (