Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Safety - Scams to avoid
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Be wary of requests for your email address sent in an image format. Gumtree does not use a delivery service or Gumtree Bot. We will never send communication via text or Whatsapp. Click here for more help

Scams to avoid

While the vast majority of experiences on Gumtree are successful and hassle-free, we always recommend our users to follow these simple steps to ensure they get the best out of their use of Gumtree:
  1. Never send money by bank transfer or a payment service that is not PayPal through Gumtree messages. We only recommend Gumtree's PayPal integration or cash in person. 
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true
  3. Always use common sense

Here are some common scams to look out for: 

Gumtree Delivery Scam via Whatsapp / SMS

Gumtree does NOT currently offer delivery and is not affiliated with any delivery service. 

If you receive any Whatsapp or SMS messages from potential buyers offering Gumtree delivery as a service, do NOT click on the link or enter your payment details.

You should immediately end the conversation and report this activity to our customer support team here. If you have already provided your payment details, please contact your bank or credit card provider so they can assist further.

Brand name spoofing / phishing

You get an email/SMS that claims to be from Gumtree, Western Union, or another company and offers buyer protection or an online payment system or perhaps a cash prize. These emails will typically request that you send money or provide personal information. Any emails which combine a sense of urgency with some need for personal details should be treated with caution, no matter whom they purport to be from. Gumtree and most other companies will never send out such emails.
Phishing attempts can also come in the form of emails/SMS messages telling you that your Gumtree account has been disabled, suspended, locked, or something similar and you are asked to click on a link. please be aware that this is not coming from Gumtree. While the link to the phishing website may look like it’s coming from a legitimate company, these are in fact fake sites designed by scammers to acquire sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details.
Certain kinds of Spoof emails/SMS can also spread spyware or viruses. These emails have the potential to infect your computer and then to spread the spyware/virus further by access and sending the email to your contacts. If you receive an email in response to your ad that includes a link and a suspicious looking comment attached, please do not click on the link.

What do these emails / SMS look like?

‘Dear customer,
In order to avoid fraud attempts and confirm your identity, please forward us the following details:
JUST CLICK HERE: to fake site
Please complete the form immediately. If not, your account will be erased based on fraud motivation. Thank you!
Gumtree Secure Department

‘Dear Gumtree User,
Thanks for your Ad however we’re afraid that your Ad has been removed because it was flagged as fraud. We need you to confirm your identity. Please follow this link:
“fake link to” Confirm Account Identity
For more information, please review our posting policies. Any future Ads will also be removed until your account will be verified.
Gumtree Security’