Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Safety - Beware of requests to post ads on behalf of strangers
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Beware of requests to post ads on behalf of strangers

Recently, we’ve become aware of an online scam trend where scammers are getting legitimate users to post fraudulent ads on their behalf.
  •       Point of contact – Fraudsters contact members via their ads with a “too good to be true” job offer. These job offers usually involve posting ads on the employers’ behalf, however, there is a risk that the “employer” is a scammer who is looking for someone to post illegitimate ads on their behalf.
Of particular note, currently there’s a specific scam targeting people who have posted wanted rental ads. Via these ads, members are contacted by fraudsters posing as “landlords” offering to hold an apartment for them, on the condition that the member posts available rental ads on the “landlord’s” behalf. The goal is to scam people out of their deposit money.
  •     Targeting Members – The scammers’ objective is to use other user accounts as a disguise so that the fraudster is not directly linked to the illegitimate ads posted.
  •       Consequences – If your account is found to be involved with fraudulent activity, it is Gumtree’s right to permanently block your account. Involvement in illegal activity may also result in possible police investigations.
  •       Avoiding the scammers – Ignore strangers requesting that you post ads on their behalf as they are most likely to be fraudulent. If you find an ad or have received an offer matching the previously mentioned characteristics, please do not hesitate to flag it through Gumtree’s ad flagging system or report it by contacting our Help Desk.