Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Basics - Creating Search Alerts
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Creating Search Alerts

creating search alerts
Search Alerts are an email notification service where you can have the newest Ads on Gumtree sent to your email address. These searches can be created for an entire category or for a given search term and will be emailed to you immediately, daily, or weekly — depending on your preference. Note: You will need a keyword in your Search Alert to select the Immediate frequency option.

You will receive emails for 90 days from the day you activate the Search Alert.

How do I create a Search Alert?
  • Search on Gumtree for the type of Ads you're interested in.
  • Please note that if you're not doing a keyword search, you must pick a category and location. If you run a keyword search, then you must pick either a category or a location in order to save. The more specific your search, the more relevant your results will be.
  • Use the slider to turn on the search Alert.
search alerts 2
  • You can see how many Search Alerts you have and manage these searches by signing into My Gumtree and finding your searches under the Search Alerts tab.
search alerts 3

How many Search Alerts can I create?
You can have up to 50 active Search Alerts. To create more, you will first need to unsubscribe from an existing active Search Alert.

How can I unsubscribe from a Search Alert?
Every email you receive will have the option to unsubscribe from your Search Alert. Once you click ‘Delete this Search Alert’, you will stop receiving emails. You can also delete a Search Alert in My Gumtree under Search Alerts, and there is an option to delete all searches.

search alerts 4

How often will I receive the emails?
You can choose how often you’d like to be emailed. Emails can be sent immediately, daily, or weekly. You can also change this setting on an existing Search Alert by managing your search in My Gumtree under Search Alerts.

How long does a Search Alert last?
Every Search Alert you create is valid through 90 days from the date of activation.