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Hand sanitiser labelling requirements - supplier information

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has identified you as a potential supplier of hand sanitiser.

New hand sanitiser labelling requirements come into effect from 24 May 2021. 

Take action now to make sure you comply with the new requirements in the cosmetics ingredients labelling standard by 24 May 2021 and check your compliance with the existing requirements.

Cosmetic hand sanitiser manufactured on or after 24 May 2021 must display:
  • Prominently, and clearly legible, the amount of alcohol contained in the product, shown as a percentage (%), by volume per volume (v/v) (if the hand sanitiser contains alcohol as the primary active ingredient)
  • The following warnings (in words or pictograms)
    1. Keep out of reach of children
    2. For external use only
    3. If ingested, seek immediate medical attention
    4. Flammable - keep away from fire and heat
    5. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs
Information about the existing labelling requirements for all cosmetics can be found here.

About the standard

From 24 May 2021, it will be against the law to supply, offer for supply, manufacture, possess or control (for the purpose of trade or commerce) cosmetic hand sanitiser in Australia, if it was manufactured from that date and does not meet the requirements of the standard. A list of products that are excluded from the standard can be found here.

The requirements of the standard help consumers to compare different cosmetic hand sanitiser to make an informed choice on what they purchase and how to use the products safely and effectively.

Minimising risks to consumers

Minimise the risk to consumers by ensuring your hand sanitiser container (or other packaging) is not, and does not look like, a food or beverage container. The ACCC has safety guidance on the safe use, supply and the packaging and labelling of cosmetic hand sanitisers.

What can you do to ensure you meet your obligations?

You can: Share the knowledge

Do you know someone who might find this information useful? Share this message and encourage them to visit the Product Safety Australia website for tips on how to comply with this Standard and other Australian product safety regulations.