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How to post a car ad using your registration

Gumtree now offers a quick way to post a car ad using a vehicle's registration details.

After clicking the "Post an ad" button and selecting the Cars category, enter your state of registration and your registration plate, then click the "Find my car" button (click the image below for a shortcut to this page).


When you post an ad using your registration details you will be provided with a price guide for your vehicle and your Gumtree ad will be pre-populated with your vehicle's specs and VIN (vehicle identification number).

The following details will be included based on your registration;
  • A title for your ad, including your vehicle's: Year, Make, Model, Variant and Body Type
  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Variant
  • Series
  • Colour
  • VIN
  • Registration number
  • Registration state

After finding your vehicle and pre-populating your ad, if you need to update the information that has been automatically found for your registration, simply expand the section of the page titled "Add or edit vehicle details" and update the necessary fields.

If your vehicle cannot be found, or you prefer to post your ad manually, you can do this easily by selecting the "Enter your car details manually" option beneath the number plate field on the Post Ad page.

Remember to: include images clearly showing your vehicle's exterior and interior, write a detailed description, and specify the number of kilometres your vehicle has travelled.

Then post your ad!

Happy selling!

You must not store, duplicate, re-use or resupply any data provided as part of this service for any reason. Gumtree does not guarantee the accuracy of the data supplied.