Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Safety - Reporting Ads or Replies
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Reporting Ads or Replies

Gumtree is a community site. We rely on your feedback and reports to keep the site friendly and safe. We like to think of it as you, the Gumtree community, policing the site and keeping out the bad guys.

If you see an ad on Gumtree that you suspect is Spam, illegal, or otherwise violates Gumtree's policies:

  • Click the Report Ad button

report ad button


  • Choose a reason for reporting it and click Report Ad
report ad reasons
After an ad is reported to us, we take a look as quickly as we can and then decide if we need to remove it. As you can see, your help and feedback is extremely valuable to us. It helps shape Gumtree and keeps the content on the site clean, up-to-date and relevant for everyone.

How do I report scams or fraud?

We encourage the community to report any concerning or suspicious ads. We also encourage people to report any suspected unlawful activity to the police.

If you feel that you've been the victim of fraud, contact us and send through all the information you have about the ad (ideally the ad ID number) and / or the email address of the advertiser or buyer so we can take internal action to keep the site safe. We also recommend contacting the police. For more information, please click here.

How do I report suspicious replies?

If you receive a suspicious message (eg, you receive an SMS asking you to email back, or you are asked to use the Friends & Family payment option using PayPal) please contact us with all the information you have and stop all communications with that person.

For more information on suspicious replies, please view our help page here.