Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Safety - Restriction in Response to Avian Influenza Outbreak in Victoria
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Restriction in Response to Avian Influenza Outbreak in Victoria

24 August 2020

A message from Agriculture Victoria

Agriculture Victoria is progressing with its response activities to eradicate avian influenza from three poultry farms near Lethbridge and one near Bairnsdale.

Movements of domestic birds, bird products and equipment into, out of or within the Golden Plains Shire and East Gippsland Restricted and Control Areas requires a permit from Agriculture Victoria.

This includes buying, selling or moving eggs, manure and chickens, whether on the side of the road, from your property, your local store, online (such as Gumtree) or at markets.

It is illegal to do so without a permit.

These controls will remain in place until Agriculture Victoria is confident that the disease has not spread further and has been eradicated.

If you have pet birds or backyard hens or flocks in the Restricted or Control Areas, you must observe all associated restrictions.

The infected farms have been quarantined under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 and Agriculture Victoria is undergoing control activities.

Surveillance of poultry farms is ongoing in the Control and Restricted Areas in both the Golden Plains Shire and near Bairnsdale.

A housing order is in place and applies to all properties located within the Golden Plains Shire. Under this order, all bird owners within the Golden Plains Shire, must house or keep their birds in an enclosure for a minimum of 30 days from 7 August 2020. This includes commercial free-range birds and implementing practical measures for birds kept in residential backyards. This order will be reviewed and may be extended beyond the 30 days for the purpose of disease control.

Report any sick or dead birds to Agriculture Victoria as a priority. This includes all domestic poultry or wild birds.

To do this, call the 24-hour Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888.

For more information or to apply for a permit, please visit the Agriculture Victoria website or call (03) 4334 2715.