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Safety information about inflatable amusement products

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) encourages consumers and suppliers of inflatable amusement products for home use, such as jumping castles, inflatable water slides and zorb balls, to follow the below tips to reduce risks and injuries. 

Risks and injuries

Due to lightweight nature of inflatable amusement products, they post a risk of injury if not used properly or in bad weather conditions. It appears that the larger the product the higher the risk of injury.

Injuries involving inflatable amusement products include:
  • bumps and bruises
  • broken bones
  • concussion
  • suffocation
  • more serious injuries including blunt force trauma
The risks may come from:
  • using these products without proper anchoring in bad weather conditions, resulting in the products being lifted into the air.
  • exceeding the recommended number of users, resulting in bad landings or users colliding.

Larger products available for commercial use have been linked to fatalities and injuries in Australia and overseas. 

Tips for suppliers of inflatable products

While there is no mandatory safety standard in Australia that specifically applies to inflatable amusement products for home use, there are international voluntary standards and regulations that guide safe practice.

The ACCC encourages suppliers of inflatable products for home use to review their products to ensure there are adequate safety warnings at the point of sale. This include providing:
  • information about tethering or anchoring the inflatable device to an appropriate surface (where applicable)
  • warnings to not use the inflatable device in bad weather conditions
  • warnings about the requirements for constant parental supervision.

Mandatory reporting

If you become aware of any serious injury, illness or deaths associated with the products you supply, you must submit a mandatory report to the ACCC within 2 days to comply with mandatory reporting obligations required by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). 

Failure to make a mandatory report may attract fines and pecuniary penalties of up to $16,650 for a body corporate or $3,330 for a person other than a body corporate. 


Tips for consumers buying or hiring an inflatable product
  • Know who you're buying from.
  • Check online ratings and reviews, which could identify safety issues other consumers have experienced.
  • Check Product Safety Australia for Australian product recalls and visit the OECD Global Recalls portal for international recalls.
  • Read safety warning and follow the product instructions, including for securely anchoring the product.
  • Avoid using these products in bad weather conditions. 
  • Never leave your child unattended while using these products.
  • Check if the product meets mandatory safety standards or is banned in Australia.
  • Before purchasing an inflatable amusement product for use at home, check if it meets a voluntary standard (ASTM F2729-18, ISO 20187:2016, EN 14960-1:2019), by inspecting the product labelling or asking the supplier. 

Report an unsafe product

Consumers can report products they consider to be unsafe to the ACCC through this form on the Product Safety Australia website.

More information

For further information about inflatable amusement products, please visit the Inflatable Amusement Products for Home Use page on the Product Safety Australia website.