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Used Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide



Buying an engagement ring ranks among the most important purchases many people will make in their lives. As they say, diamonds are forever, just as sweethearts enter into the sanctity of marriage expecting it to last forever, it’s important to make sure your engagement ring lasts through every shining moment.

Types of Diamonds

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. There are four key factors that determine a diamond’s value, and they’re known as the “Four Cs”:  cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.



Diamond Quality Factors

CutCut is the most important factor in the value of a diamond. A superior stone cut poorly will have little lustre, while the same one cut properly will sparkle with a fiery brilliance.A jeweller will cut a diamond based on the proportions and angles of the stone. If a diamond is cut too deep or shallow, it will allow light to leak through the bottom rather than reflecting back through the top and illuminating it to its full potential.
ColourWhile diamonds may appear ‘silver’, ‘white’ or even ‘clear’, they actually come in a myriad of colours ranging from colourless to light yellow. The diamond’s colour is ranked on an identifying scale from ‘D’ to ‘Z’; ‘D’ represents a virtually colourless diamond, with the colour becoming increasingly yellow until reaching the most yellow at ‘Z’.The colour you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference, the colour of band you propose to use, and your budget. The rarest diamonds are those with no colour, and these are also the most expensive.
ClarityThe clarity of a diamond refers to the presence or absence of any blemishes in the stone. Like colour, clarity is measured on a scale. The purer a diamond is, the fewer blemishes it has, and the higher its price tag will be.Blemishes on diamonds are referred to as inclusions, and in an ideal world you want a diamond with as few inclusions as possible.



If you are considering choosing a diamond with inclusions, try to avoid picking one with inclusions to the top and middle, as this will affect the way the light is dispersed.

Carat WeightA diamond’s carat refers not to its size but to its weight. The heavier the diamond, the higher the carats, and the more it will cost when compared with other diamonds of the same quality.Don’t rule out a good quality diamond simply because of its weight however, as the mounting and setting can play a major role in how large a diamond appears.

Features of Diamond Engagement Rings

In addition to the cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight of the particular diamond you choose, there are a number of considerations to take in account when you choose your diamond engagement ring. These include:


  • The shape of the diamond
  • The setting of the ring
  • The metal in which the diamond is mounted


Diamond Shapes


Which diamond shape you choose will depend on personal preference and how brilliant you want the diamond to sparkle.



Roundround diamond is widely considered to be the most classic, and it often can have the most brilliance. 
PearA pear-shaped diamond is curved at one end and pointed at the other. 
Princessprincess diamond is a square shape. Some consider the princess shape to be the most fashionable. 
OvalAn oval diamond is curved regularly at either end and elongated towards the centre. 
HeartA heart diamond is cut into a classic symmetrical heart shape. 




It is also important to consider the diamond’s setting and band.


  • A Tiffany setting is a raised setting that protrudes from the main band of the ring
  • An eternity band has diamonds inset all the way round the main metal band
  • A bezel setting is raised above the main ring like a Tiffany setting, with a metal ring encircling the diamond and extending slightly above it
  • A channel setting is similar to an eternity band, with one or more diamonds set into a metal channel
  • A pavé setting clusters many smaller diamonds together in the setting area


Ring Metal

The ring your diamond (or diamonds) will be set in will be made of precious metal. The most popular choice for engagement rings is gold, which comes in a variety of shades from traditional yellow to white to rose. Platinum is another popular option, though it is more expensive and more brittle than gold. Silver is perfect for a limited budget, providing plenty of shine, though it is slightly less durable than gold.

Why Buy a Used Diamond Engagement Ring?

While second-hand rings might not be the first option that comes to mind for some, there are many benefits to buying a used diamond engagement ring.


Many used diamond rings are heirlooms, antiques, period pieces, or collector’s items. There is something about wearing a ring carrying such history that is very appealing and romantic.


Older fashions also have tremendous charm and style. For anyone desiring a ring with character and a unique look that won’t be found anywhere else, a used diamond engagement ring is a perfect fit.


Naturally, you can save a tremendous amount of money buying a previously-owned ring. But in addition to the obvious cost savings, there are further benefits to buying a second-hand diamond engagement ring:


  • No wear and tear – diamonds cannot be damaged through scratching or chipping


  • Environmentally kind – there are so many diamonds in existence, if more people chose used diamonds the environmental impact of diamond mining would be significantly lowered


  • Unique look – by choosing a vintage style you can make a personal statement without fear that your friends – or foe – will turn up wearing the same


When buying a used diamond engagement ring, do take note of sizing. If it is not the correct size, be sure to check if it can be resized to fit you. You also may want to have the ring inspected by a jeweller before you make your purchase, just to verify the ring is exactly as it is described.


How Much do Diamond Rings Cost?

The cost of a diamond ring will vary widely based on many factors. The already-discussed ‘four Cs’ of diamond buying – cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight – are the biggest factors. However, the final price will also depend on your choice of metal, the type of setting you select, and the number of diamonds the ring includes.


How to Buy a Used Diamond Ring

Used diamond rings are available from high-street jewellers and online stores. Wherever you are buying from, ask for a certificate of authenticity or arrange for an independent appraisal of the ring.


Trust your instincts when it comes to buying your ring, and consider its overall condition. Ask as many questions as possible, such as how old it is, what metal it is made from, whether that metal is a coating (e.g., dipped or electroplated), and whether the ring is suitable for resizing should it be necessary.

Looking After Your Used Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds need regular cleaning to ensure they retain their clarity, shine, and brilliance. The best way to clean your diamond ring at home is to soak it overnight in an ammonia solution, then brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt. Finish by rinsing off the solution under water and drying your ring with a clean cloth.

Buying a Used Diamond Engagement Ring on Gumtree

There is a wealth of high-quality jewellery available on Gumtree, including many beautiful used diamond engagement rings. To look at the greatest number of rings, simply type ‘diamond rings’ in the search box. If you know what you are looking for, you can narrow down your options by using more specific terms in the search box, such as ‘bezel set diamond ring’.

To find a great used engagement ring, just type in something like ‘used diamond rings’ into the search box, or simply click on this link:

If you want to find a ring close by, you can even add your location by clicking the name of the area in the left-hand navigation, such as ‘Queensland’ (

Once you have made your selection, remember our handy tips for buying a second-hand diamond engagement ring to make sure that you choose the model that is perfect for you. All that remains now is to pop the question!