Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Safety - Watch for "scheduled payment receipts" if accepting online bank transfers
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Watch for "scheduled payment receipts" if accepting online bank transfers

Gumtree is a community marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in the local community, so we always encourage users to transact face to face with cash. If you do choose to transfer money online, please consider linking PayPal to your Gumtree account and ask the buyer to use PayPal to transfer the funds. 

If you decide to accept online bank transfers, please ensure that you view or receive a “payment receipt” and NOT a “scheduled payment receipt”.

A scheduled payment receipt is not a confirmation of money transfer, but a notification of a payment scheduled to be made in the future. This can easily be cancelled by the buyer after goods are exchanged.

Please keep in mind that although it’s more difficult, it is also possible to recall an online transfer that has been sent. For this reason, we encourage face to face transactions with cash. Please see some more tips on staying safe here.