Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Policies - What are the Community Guidelines?
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What are the Community Guidelines?

Gumtree is a community site and we rely on your reports and feedback because it helps to shape the site and keep it friendly, safe, up to date and relevant for everyone. We like to think of it as you, the Gumtree community, policing the site and keeping out the bad guys.

While most Gumtree users have great success buying, selling, renting or connecting with others, sometimes we do receive reports of people trying to scam or defraud users.

If you find an ad on Gumtree that you think is illegal, or a scam or fraud you can report to us by clicking on the ‘Report’ button shown on every Gumtree ad. Reporting a suspicious ad brings it to our attention so that we can review and, if necessary, take it down quickly.

If you reply to an ad and you get a suspicious request from the poster of the ad (e.g. requests for money to be sent via bank transfer or a payment service that is not Gumtree’s PayPal integration through Gumtree messages) please forward the email to us and stop all contact with that person.

If you experience harassment or abuse in connection with either an ad on Gumtree or an email received from a Gumtree user then please report it to us.