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If you’re using Gumtree to look for a job, we encourage our community to follow these safety tips:

●  Double check the validity of the ABN/ACN and relevant licences of the prospective employer. Go to ABN Lookup to verify an ABN or to verify an ACN.
●  Meet your prospective employer face to face, ideally at the business within working
hours, or in a public place.
●  Make sure you know what your legal entitlements are, including minimum pay rates. This
rate increases in July every year.
●  If you are an employee, your work may also be covered by a modern award or an
enterprise agreement (which might have higher rates of pay than the adult national minimum wage). Casual employees are also usually entitled to be paid an extra casual loading (typically, 25% of the base rate of pay).
●  Modern awards and enterprise agreements may require employers to pay you extra if you work at certain times (for example, on weekends, public holidays, after normal business hours or if you work more than 8 hours a day/38 hours a week).
●  Permanent employees (part-time and full-time) are also entitled to personal leave, annual leave and long service leave. In some states and territories, casual employees are entitled to long service leave.
●  The National Employment Standards in the Fair Work Act 2009 set other minimum terms and conditions for employees in Australia (such as maximum hours of work and other leave entitlements).
●  Employers are also required to contribute superannuation on behalf of their employees (part-time, full-time and casual). Temporary residents are also eligible for superannuation. Contributions must be made by the employer into the employee's nominated superannuation fund (or into a default fund if the employee does not nominate a fund). The superannuation rate is calculated on an employee’s ordinary time earnings and can be access here. Superannuation is payable for employees over 18 years of age (regardless of how many hours per week they work) and for employees under 18 years old if they work more than 30 hours in a week.
●  The minimum entitlements outline above all apply to foreign workers including individuals on work visas.
●  Visit and to access modern awards and enterprise agreements, and for more information around pay and conditions for employees in Australia.
●  Be wary of anyone who asks inappropriate questions especially relating to possible discrimination issues such as pregnancy, sexual orientation or religion, or gives vague answers about the job.
●  You shouldn’t have to provide your bank, identity documents or other sensitive information details when applying for a job (this may be provided once you’ve accepted an offer of employment).
●  Avoid ‘work from home’ jobs which aren’t postings from well known organisations.
●  Avoid listings which guarantee wealth, financial success or which will help you get rich
●  Click here for more information on jobs guidelines.
●  If you accept employment and are concerned that you are not receiving or being paid your minimum entitlements, you can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman for assistance:

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