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 Why do I need to login to see an advertisers phone number?
 Recently our Gumtree community approached us to tell us that they were starting to receive spam and/or unsolicited SMS messages to their ads on Gumtree; as you can imagine this is quite annoying when ...
 If you are outside of Australia and currently overseas you will not be able to post or reply to ads on Gumtree
 Gumtree is a local classifieds site and we encourage everyone to interact in person. If you're identified to be outside of Australia and or currently overseas you're access to the site will be limited...
 I received and SMS asking me to respond on email. How do I know if this is legitimate?
 An SMS message from a potential buyer asking you to respond on email could be a scam. Legitimate buyers and sellers are unlikely to want to be emailed if they are contacting you via your phone. If you...

Posting an Ad
How can I include images - photos in my Ad?
How do I post an Ad?
Is it free to post an Ad on Gumtree?
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Posting Problems
How can I reduce image size?
I can't find my ad. What's happened?
Why have I not received a posting confirmation email?
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Searching & Replying to Ads
How do I reply to an Ad?
Why can't I see the repliers email address in the response I received?
How do I respond to a reply I received?
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Gumtree Policies
Gumtree Terms of Use
What are the General posting rules?
Gumtree Privacy Policy
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Managing My Ads & Account
How do I delete my ad?
How can I pause my ad to take it out of search while I deal with potential buyers, or while I'm on holiday?
Editing your ad is FREE for up to 24 hours after you've posted a new ad
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Staying Safe using Gumtree
Buying & Selling - top tips for staying safe
I received and SMS asking me to respond on email. How do I know if this is legitimate?
What are the scams I should watch out for?
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Promoting My Ads
How can I increase the chance of getting a good response to my Ad? You can purchase features to stand out
I paid for a feature but can't find my Ad on the site. Why?
What payment methods are accepted?
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Gumtree for Business
How can I sell on Gumtree?
How can I have my website appear in Sponsored Links?
How can I advertise my business on Gumtree using banners?
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Gumtree iPhone and Android apps
Why can't I reveal phone numbers when browsing ads?
How do I get the Gumtree iPhone app?
What devices are supported by the Gumtree iPhone app?
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About Gumtree
What is Gumtree?
Site Announcements
Our updated iPhone app, version 3.1.1 is available for download
Category Changes - Boats, Jobs, Business Services and Real Estate!
Category Changes - Community and Events & Tickets!
Gumtree iPad app

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