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Selling tickets on Gumtree

Generally, you can resell tickets to entertainment events on Gumtree. However, the resale of tickets to events (including sporting contests, music concerts and plays) and airline tickets can often be regulated by the ticket issuer or by state laws.

Your ad must always state the face value of the ticket. Gumtree does not support ticket touts or scalpers and ads not containing the face value of the ticket may be removed. Ads selling tickets to free events are also not allowed.

As a ticket seller, you are responsible for ensuring that your particular transaction does not violate any applicable law or the terms of the ticket itself. Before buying or selling even tickets, users should contact the ticket issuer and ensure the resale is permitted. As a condition of your use of Gumtree specified under our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not violate any laws.

More information about the laws in each state is set out below.


The Victorian Minister for Sport and Recreation declares some sporting events to be "declared events"under the Major Sporting Events Act 2009 (Vic). An example of a declared event is the AFL Grand Final.

Most declared events have strict conditions around ticket resale. For some declared events, ticket re-sale is completely prohibited and anyone who buys an illegal ticket can be denied access to the event. You should check the ticket terms and conditions and seek before selling a ticket to a declared event on Gumtree.

For more information, see Part 9 of the Major Sporting Events Act 2009 or the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website. 


The South Australian government prohibits scalping of tickets to any event (sporting or concert) declared as a "major event". It is unlawful to on-sell (or offer for sale) to any "major event" at a price which exceeds the original ticket price by more than 10%, unless you have been given written approval to do so by the event organiser. 

For more information, see the Major Events Act 2013.


If you are selling a ticket to an event that is staged at one of the following facilities, it is illegal for you to resell the ticket at a price greater than 10% above the original ticket price of the ticket. 

  1. Brisbane Cricket Ground (also known as the Gabba)
  2. Brisbane Entertainment Centre (also known as The BEC)
  3. Dairy Farmers Stadium
  4. Queen Elizabeth II Complex
  5. The Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (also known as QSAC)
  6. Sleeman Sports Complex / Centre
  7. Skilled Park (also known as Gold Coast Stadium)
  8. Suncorp Stadium and
  9. Queensland Tennis Centre
  10. Willows Sports Complex (see the Major Sports Facilities Regulation 2002).

For further information please go to the Major Sports Facilities Authority website here.


Gumtree users are not permitted to sell tickets to events where all tickets are free to the public. This includes charity events and memorial services such as the 2015 ANZAC Day commemorations in Gallipoli.

Event organisers must give Gumtree at least one months advance notice of the tickets being released in order for this free tickets policy to apply. You can notify Gumtree about an event by logging a ticket via our help section.


Gumtree has provided the above information to assist you in trading lawfully. Gumtree is not in any position to assess a particular ticket's original price and whether it is subject to the above law and/or to terms and conditions that makes its sale unlawful. You are responsible for ensuring that your transaction is lawful.

Gumtree does not condone the use of its website by persons breaching the law or contractual conditions imposed by others. You must not list any items until you are confident you can legally sell it on Gumtree.

If you have any questions regarding your rights to sell a ticket, we strongly recommend that you contact the company that issued the ticket and/or consult with a lawyer. 


Click here for more information and tips on selling on Gumtree.

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