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Suspicious SMS or Email - Phishing attempt

Some of our users have reported receiving suspicious emails or SMS asking for:

These emails / SMS are what's known as "phishing emails" and are sent by fradulent people not Gumtree! Please ignore these emails and simply forward it to with the email header details to "" and we can investigate it and get the fake site links de-activated quickly.

These emails will ask you to click on a link and enter your personal details into a webpage that looks exactly like Gumtree, please do not respond or click on any links in these emails! They will request personal information including e-mail address, passwords and even credit card numbers for supposed account authentication. On top of this the email also indicates your account has been temporarily suspended or will be deleted if you don't respond. (Please don't take it seriously, simply ignore it. They're simply trying to create a sense of urgency to collect what they want - your login details.)

*Please don't include your email address in the description of your ad. It appears that this is how fraudsters are targeting users and contacting them directly. We suggest that you only put your email address in the email address field:


Couple of examples of what the spoof emails / SMS look like are:

Dear customer,

In order to avoid fraud attempts and confirm your identity, please forward us the following details:

JUST CLICK HERE: to fake site

Please complete the form immediately . If not, your account will be erased based on fraud motivation. Thank you!

Gumtree Secure Department 

OR another

Dear Gumtree User,

Thanks for your Ad however we're afraid that your Ad has been removed because it was flagged as fraud. We need you to confirm your identity. Please follow this link:

"fake link to" Confirm Account Identity

For more information, please review our posting policies . Any future Ads will also be removed until your account will be verified.

Please ignore these emails / SMS and simply forward it to "" and we can investigate it and get the fake site links de-activated quickly.

Some more information about suspicious SMS can be found here. More details about phishing can be found here.

If you have any concerns about a suspicious message you have received, please contact our help desk.

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