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How can I pause my ad to take it out of search while I deal with potential buyers, or while I'm on holiday?

You are able to "Pause" your ads directly from the My Gumtree area which will temporarily place them on hold and remove them from search. The ads you pause won't be visible to the public while they are paused.

How to Pause your ad?

Simply go to the "My Gumtree > My Ads" section of the site, click on "Pause" link option and your ad is now paused and removed from search.

What happens when an ad it paused?

The ad is not visible to the public, however, any features will continue to run and will NOT be paused to continue later. The overall expiry date of the ad will also NOT pause. Ads which are paused will still expire from the site after their standard duration.

Any ads which are currently "paused" MUST be deleted prior to any new ads which are similar or the same can be posted.

When ads are paused they cannot be edited or deleted. To access these features please un-pause your ad.


How to Reactivate / Unpause your ad?

Once an ad is paused, it'll remain so until you unpause it, or the ad expires after it's standard duration. Simply click on the "Unpause" link found in the "My Gumtree > My Ads" area and your ad will be unpaused / reactivated.

What happens when your ad is Unpaused / Reactivated?

Your original "Posted On" date will remain the same. Unpausing your ad will NOT move your ad back to the top of the listings, your ad will appear in it's previous position in the search results. 


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