Gumtree Australia Support Knowledgebase - Basics - Buying on Gumtree
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Buying on Gumtree

  1. Know your budget: Dedicate time to researching what’s out there and the average price of similar items.
  2. Ask questions: When first contacting the seller, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions:
    • How long have you had the item for?
    • Has the item had any faults you should be aware of?
    • Where was the item bought? Ideally the seller or the previous owner bought the item new.
    • Ask if there are any receipts or warranties.
  3. Be a time saver: It’s great to shop around to see what’s available in the community, just be respectful of other people’s time. 
  4. Meet the seller: For personal ease and safety, arrange to meet locally in a busy public place if possible and take a friend or family member with you. Inspect the item for any damage. If the seller offers shipping, please visit our help page here.
  5. Negotiate fairly: Do your research and negotiate on a price you think is fair – not an unrealistic amount.
  6. Show up on time: If you’ve set a time to meet a seller, stick to the plan and show up on time. If you can’t make it, these things happen, just let the person know as soon as you can so they’re not left waiting.